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There are three steps to clean the bearing

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We should all know that after any machine has been used for a long time, we need to detect, maintain and maintain it, and our maintenance of these machines starts from its various parts, such as its bearings. After the bearing is used for a long time, there will be a lot of oil on it, so we must clean it before maintaining it. What are the cleaning steps of bearings?
1. Record the appearance of the bearing
Before cleaning the bearing, the first thing we need to do is to record the appearance of the bearing by photography. In addition, we also sample the lubricant on the bearing.
2. Clean
After recording the appearance of the bearing, we can start cleaning the bearing. The bearing cleaning can be divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning. During rough cleaning, we should put the bearing into a special cleaning agent, and then carefully wash the surface of the bearing with a small brush to remove some adhesive and grease on the surface of the bearing. During fine cleaning, we should slowly rotate the bearing and then clean it carefully to avoid foreign matters in the bearing.
3. Carry out maintenance
After cleaning the bearing, we will maintain the bearing. So how do we maintain the bearings? What we need to do is to apply a layer of antirust oil or antirust grease on the I bearing.